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As you may be aware, the Church Hall grounds have been purchased by McCarthy and Stone who are planning on building a retirement home on the site.

Plans below:

Retirement home

The Church Hall is now fenced off from the Scout Hut which means that we no longer have access to the Scout Hut from Cop Lane.
We will therefore be using the rear entrance of the hut from this day forward. The rear entrance is situated on Mornington Road and can be reached by turning off Liverpool Road onto Lawrence Road and then on to Wembley Avenue.
Unfortunately the road is quite narrow, so please park considerably so that we disturb the neighbours as little as possible.

Scout Hut Map

2 thoughts on “Scout Hut Access

  • I am 100% supportive of the scout hut. It is disappointing that there is no longer access from the major road that is Cop Lane and that instead many cars now descend on the tiny road that is Mornington Road. I live in one of only 6 houses that are officially on Mornington. It will undoubtedly create an unavoidable disturbance but as we are so few we will invariably have no voice to complain. I very much hope people respect that we live here and that parents of attending children are considerate. I’ve already not been able to park outside my own house due to Scout drop offs and pick ups so I hold little hope that this will be the case.

    • Hi Dave, thanks for your comments. We have asked for all the parents to be respectful of the residents in the vicinity. Our main aim as a group is to have a positive impact in the community. We have asked parents to walk where possible and consider where they park to enable access to the residents. Unfortunately, these circumstances have been imposed upon us and we are trying our best to work with everyone involved for the best outcome. Please feel free to message us and we will happily arrange a meeting to discuss any further concerns. Thanks

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