March 7, 2016

Useful Information for Parents


6th Penwortham Scout Group is a charity and we collect subscriptions on a monthly basis via standing order only. Please see your child’s ¬†leaders for further information regarding this.



From February 2016, we will be charging all new members to the group a fee to cover the cost of the new neckerchief and investiture.


Waiting List Status

The group operates a strict waiting list which will be updated regularly. Children who are due to move up to the next section when they reach the maximum age take precedence over all potential new members to the group. Therefore waiting list times can often be long.

Updated May 2017:

Scouts – places available.

Cubs have very limited places.

Beavers Рplaces available.

Please contact us via the form on the homepage if you wish for your child to join our group.


Kit Lists

Outdoor Bivi Camp Kit List
Outdoor Camp Kit List
Expedition Kit List
Indoor Camp Kit List

With regards to kit, we do have a small stock of equipment. If you are struggling to find appropriate kit, please let us know and we will see if we have anything suitable in our store room before you go out and buy it!